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Content Operations

The state of ContentOps in Higher Education

Becky Taylor β€’ 2 minutes

If your institution publishes content, it has some form of content operations, or ContentOps. At GatherContent our definition of ContentOps is:

“ContentOps is the people, process and technology that are required across an organisation allowing them to organise, manage and produce effective content, repeatably and at scale. ContentOps comes after you have defined your content strategy and before you deliver content to your audience.”

GatherContent The Content Operations Platform

We have lots of customers in the higher ed sector and to help us learn more about their processes, people and technology, we ran a survey which yielded responses from over 60 universities from the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Who gets involved in producing higher ed content?

The job titles and roles described by respondents were vast. The most common answers across all institutions included variants of Marketing, Communications and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):

Word cloud showing common Higher Ed content job titles

The job roles involved in content production didn’t sit within one team, but rather across silos, which requires collaboration across departments and skill sets.

This presents universities with the challenge of forging connections for successful collaboration. If this a challenge you’re facing, this webinar recording may help you: Connecting silos in your institution for efficient ContentOps.

How satisfied are higher ed institutions with their current content production process?

To understand if ContentOps are running smoothly for our higher ed customers we asked survey respondents how satisfied they are with their current processes of organising, managing and producing content.

Respondents could answer on a scale of 0-10 (0 being very unhappy/struggling to get content published, 10 being pretty much perfect with little to improve):

Survey results of higher ed content process satisfaction

As the chart shows, most people are right bang in the middle with the most common answer being 5 suggesting there is plenty of room for improving content processes. No respondent was completely satisfied and a few were incredibly unhappy.

Download the full survey report now to learn:

  • How many people are involved in higher ed content production
  • The most common higher ed content production challenges
  • What tools universities use for content production
  • The goals digital university teams have over the next 12 months

We also have some really insightful webinars world produced to help improve ContentOps processes in higher ed:

If there’s an element you’d like to learn more about, drop me an email and let me know!

Survey results πŸ‘‰ The state of ContentOps in Higher Education.

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