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How a start-up uses GatherContent to speed up content production and publish straight to their software

Becky Taylor • 3 minutes

Trajectory IQ bring gamification to onboarding and training software to truly engage its users, in a fun way that deliver results. Based in Edmonton, Canada, their growing team has been using GatherContent for over 4 years…

Content Creation

Content Creation: The Essential Guide

In this essential guide to content creation we will define what content creation is, look at how to develop a content creation process, how to estimate the cost of content creation, cover different types of…

Robert Mills • 18 minutes

Content Strategy

Getting non-specialists on board with content strategy [Webinar transcript]

In our recent webinar, Tracy Playle shared advice and examples for defining and explaining content…
Robert Mills • 34 minutes
Content Strategy

Five tips to effectively pair content and design

When it comes to developing content strategies, many businesses prioritise two things: creating more engaging…
Rachel Blakely-Gray • 4 minutes
Content Strategy

A step-by-step guide to A/B testing your content

When it comes to creating effective content, intuition isn’t enough. You want content that’s purposeful,…
Daniel Fries • 7 minutes
Content Operations

Finish this sentence … with Padma Gillen

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our new book Lead with Content, we get to…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes
Content Strategy

Encouraging self-service through improving content at the University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh we embarked on a two-year project to iteratively improve IT…
Lauren Tormey • 3 minutes

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Content Strategy & Delivery

Kristina Halvorson

Anyone who struggles with content consistency and efficiency—and who doesn't?—will greatly benefit from this course. If you want to get smarter about content planning, creation and delivery, start here.

Kristina Halvorson

CEO & Founder, Brain Traffic

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Content Operations

Level up your content operations with structured content templates

Organisations are expected to deliver content for multiple channels, consistently. This puts pressure on production…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes
Content Operations

Organise your content team with clear roles and responsibilities

There are often lots of people involved in producing and delivering content. They have different…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes
Content Strategy

Designing with content: how using content patterns can help

Content patterns are blueprints made of words. If you have a lot of content items…
Lizzie Bruce • 6 minutes
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