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Using Jobs to be Done to become customer-centric

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

In the final day of the Content Strategy Advent Calendar our very own Product Director, Angus Edwardson, shares how we became more customer-centric this year by aligning the team around a shared customer objective.

Food for thought as we head into 2018.


🤶 Using Jobs to be Done to become customer-centric, from @Namshee

Video transcript

Hello. I’m Angus. I’m the Product Director at GatherContent and I have been successfully bullied into making one of these videos for our annual Content Strategy Advent Calendar. At the very least it allows me to show off my lovely glittery cow at the top of our Christmas tree and yeah, rather than sort of explaining GatherContent benefits or trying to sell it to you or sort of, you know, explaining how it will make you a better human being, more attractive and generally more useful in society or at least, you know, solving the problems that you failed to solve this past year.

Rather than doing that I thought I would explain a little analogy we’ve been sort of talking about internally, about turkeys. Which I think is relevant at this time of the year. I’ve heard of a turkey analogy being used to describe multi-channel content before. So the idea of having a large piece of content that can be chopped up into different pieces of flesh and adapted for different channels, perhaps reconstituted into nuggets.

And I think definitely it’s nice, it’s valid, but perhaps that focuses too much on the actual content functionally, rather than what it’s actually trying to achieve. So I think what we’ve done quite successfully this year is we’ve sort of zoomed out on that, used that same sort of system. Internally we’ve used I think an amazing thing to look into is Jobs to be Done. We essentially did a lot of Jobs to be Done research. Identified a primary objective our customers have, and we’ve sort of aligned our whole business around that for the last year and it’s been totally transformational I think in all parts of our business in the fact that everyone is far more customer-centric now. And all initiatives that we’re running are a derivative of the same objective.

So I think that’s a great way of looking at strategy in an organisation and a great way of looking at how it cascades across multiple teams. Certainly for us, identifying the single job story, this thing that our customer is trying to make progress on and pushing everything towards that, both in the functionalities that we’re adding to the product, the pieces of content and resources that we’re creating, all the way down to our database structure and the metadata that’s used to describe functionality, is all derivative of the same customer need and I think that’s a huge achievement that we’ve done this year and it would definitely not have been possible without using this Jobs to be Done framework which you could definitely find lots of stuff about elsewhere.

So yeah, hopefully that’s something to think about when you’re orbiting around a turkey at this time of year and Merry Christmas from everyone at GatherContent. Peace out.

About Angus

Angus is the Product Director at GatherContent, an online platform that helps teams organise, produce and structure website content. Like most of us, he is passionate about making complex things simple – enjoying getting under the skin (into the organs, bones and bacteria) of products and systems – developing a deep understanding of the people that use them.

🤶 Using Jobs to be Done to become customer-centric, from @Namshee

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Robert Mills

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