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Content Strategy

Testing the usability of text

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

This video is the fourth in our Content Strategy Advent Calendar series.

Here, Ida Aalen from Netlife Research talks about testing the usability of your text.

Content strategy advent calendar: Day 4 – Testing the usability of text by Ida Aalen.

Video transcript

Merry Christmas! I’m Ida Aalen from Netlife Research and today I’m going to show you a very easy way and affordable way that you can use to test your text. And all you need is a sheet like this, just a regular A3 sheet, I’m gonna fold it. So you only need Word really and a printer to use this technique. And you can also use it via email and phone so I’m pretty sure all of you have this equipment that you need.

So let’s look at the example here. If I can get up, out of all these green balls. So what you can see on top here is a title and an intro from GatherContent’s page and when you use it of course you use content from your own page. And the text reads: read the title and intro blurb. Write down 3 to 4 questions you expect will be answered in the text.

So you give this to your user. They read the title and intro and write down 3 to 4 questions. And there already you have some valuable insights.

But the next step, you unfold it and give people the actual text and then the next task they get is to highlight whether they got their questions answered and if it’s appropriate the answer or where they expect the answers to be, the questions to be answered in the text.

There’s actually not that much content on this content page from GatherContent. Here’s a longer example. It can look a little bit like that when you’re finished. So, yeah, that’s the tip. Merry Christmas.

About Ida

Ida Aalen

Ida Aalen is a senior UX designer at Netlife Research, a Norwegian consultancy. At least she used to be. These days she meddles with both content strategy and digital strategy. Because what good does the great form design do, if can’t find it because it’s buried in needless content and a complex information architecture.

Ida has worked in Netlife Research since 2010, and has previously worked for two of Norways largest online newspapers. She has published two books on social media.

Content strategy advent calendar: Day 4 – Testing the usability of text by Ida Aalen.

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