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Product update: Improved collaboration

Angus Edwardson • 2 minutes

In complex projects where lots of people are involved with the creation and approval of content, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up with multiple people working on a single Item at the same time.

In the past, when more than one person was viewing an Item in GatherContent, it was quite easy to overwrite content. Although we showed a warning, you could choose to ignore this and still overwrite someone’s work.

We’ve now iterated on this slightly annoying little warning (not quite as bad as ‘Clippy’, thankfully!), and created a more friendly approach (not quite as friendly as ‘Clippy’, thankfully as well) to collaborating on a single Item.

You can now safely have multiple people working simultaneously on the same Item in GatherContent. While only one person can actively edit the text, the others can see changes as they are being made (almost real-time!), and get involved in discussing the content. Editing permission can quickly be passed between people on the Item by requesting access.


This is great for pair-writing, or just for getting instant feedback on any work in progress. You can read the details about this new functionality in this support article.

The next iteration from here is definitely the ability to have full live collaboration on content. This seamless and real-time group editing is definitely our final destination.

Other recent updates

We’ve also made a couple of small improvements over the past couple of weeks:

Read only Items

You can now easily tell when an Item is ‘read only’: Have a look out for the nice in-line notification


Sortable Templates

Templates are now sortable in the Templates tab: use the arrows to sort by each column


Creating Items from Items

It’s now possible to create new Items from an Item: Saving some time clicking around!


Next up…

We have quite a few things on the go at the moment. Most imminent would be; Example projects, CSV import, and serious performance improvements across the entire product. After that we’ll be updating our text editor.

As always, please keep the feedback flowing. It really is appreciated.

New updates to GatherContent, including improved collaboration

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