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Product Update: Improving how we say Hello

Angus Edwardson • 3 minutes

We’ve recently spent quite a bit of time improving our onboarding process – both when you’re creating an account for the first time, and when you’re invited into an existing account.

We want getting started with GatherContent to be as easy as possible so that new users don’t feel like they have to spend a stack of time learning a new system. So whether it’s your first time using GatherContent, or you’re inviting somebody new to a project, we want the experience to be intuitive.

This post gives a quick summary of the updates we’ve recently made.

A much simpler signup form

This probably won’t make you jump out of bed with excitement if you already have an account, but should make life a bit easier for anyone trying to create a new account. We’ve redesigned our signup form to consist of three simple steps (rather than one meaty monolith).

As with a lot of the work we’ve been doing recently, this also involved increasing the consistency of our tone of voice and aesthetic.

Actionable welcome emails

We’ve improved our initial invite emails so that they’re a lot more helpful, explaining what you’ve actually been invited to, who it was that invited you, and how to get set-up.

We’ve also moved away from plain text emails in this case, which should hopefully clarify that this email was sent via our product.

Helpful welcome screens

Really a matter of cleaning up some of our in-app copy (removing a lot of it), we’ve now got some much clearer welcome content when you first arrive in GatherContent.

The content varies based on a person’s permissions, and whether you’re creating a new account or joining someone else’s. It should hopefully help people understand their position in a project, as well as clarify the structure of the product and who’ll be using it.

Example projects and content

To help you get started, we now populate your account with four example projects. Each one is fully populated with content, Templates, workflows, and imaginary conversations – these will show you a different way to organise and manage content.

Product tours

While we’ve tried to avoid putting ‘signs on signs’ (and instead, make all of our interfaces as intuitive as possible in their base state), we have included tool-tips that guide you through the example projects. These explain some of the different ways of populating a project, and give additional guidance on how to get the most out of some of our core features.

Example Templates and Workflows

As well as creating entire example projects, we’ve also introduced example Templates and Workflows when you create new projects of your own. So depending on the project type you select, you’ll have a different default workflow, and be able to play with some Templates. The templates are based on the most common structures our clever customers use and we hope these default templates will give people a head start on new projects

Other little tweaks and twirls

Alongside the above changes, we’ve also used this onboarding project as an opportunity to update a lot of other interfaces. Making sure they are all as clear as possible to people who are new or experienced with using GatherContent. Consistency and clarity, which we hope makes everything (in life) that little bit easier.

To see a breakdown of all the updates we’ve made recently, you can head over to our new What’s New section. This is updated daily with everything from small fixes to new features and updates to integrations. And watch this space, there’s plenty more to come.

Improving the onboarding experience of GatherContent (and other lovely updates)

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