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How to get your content reviewers using GatherContent

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

The role of a reviewer in a project is a key one because without them, you can’t guarantee your content is accurate and correct.

The reviewer may be a subject matter expert, copywriter, editor, marketer, but whatever their actual job title, the task of reviewing content can often be an underestimated.

It’s important not to just add ‘review’ as an additional workflow stage without much consideration.

When bringing reviewers into the content production process, it’s important that you communicate to them what exactly their requirements are. Do you want them to review:

  • Facts and accuracy
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Voice and tone
  • Length
  • Structure and format
  • Styling
  • Links
  • Metadata
  • Any or all of the above

It can be all to easy for reviewers to be distracted from their task at hand due to:

  • Trying to find the exact content they need to review within loads of Word Docs and emails
  • No clear guidelines on what exactly they are reviewing
  • Too much freedom (and temptation) to start editing and changing content
  • No easy way to provide feedback
  • Ambiguity on who is responsible for the content they are reviewing

The better they understand what they are reviewing for, the easier it will be for them to do so and the more efficient that stage of the process will be.

Using GatherContent to keep reviewers focused (and happy!)

When using GatherContent for content planning and production, you can customise the permissions for reviewer accounts so they really can’t do very much apart from review content. Better for you and for them.

It’s important to make sure that reviewers can only add comments and change the status of a content Item. So by choosing a custom role for reviewers, there are several benefits:

  • It removes the ability for them to write content
  • It removes the ability for them to edit content
  • They can only see the content they need to review and not all content within a project
  • They can only comment and update statuses

These are the only two permissions they really need to have. So this, combined with clear guidance on the exact requirements for what they are reviewing, can make this stage of the workflow efficient and productive.

Using GatherContent also means that all versions of the content and any related comments, feedback and refinements are contained in one place. You can read more about understanding roles and permissions in GatherContent in our Help Centre.

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How to get your content reviewers using GatherContent

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