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Content Strategy

Editorial triggers

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

Do you have an editorial calendar?

Well as Corey Vilhauer informs us on day sixteen of our Content Strategy Advent Calendar, these are different to editorial triggers. So what are those? The video reveals all.

🎅 Editorial triggers, from @MrVilhauer

Video transcript

Hey. This is Corey Vilhauer, I’m a User Experience Architect at Blend Interactive in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m also lead curator for Now What Workshops. Tickets are now on sale, nowwhatworkshops.com

I want to talk real quick today about editorial triggers. What are editorial triggers you ask. Well I will tell you, they are not an editorial calendar. Editorial calendars are great, but sometimes things get dropped into our laps and we need to know how to handle that. Whether it’s a brand new product for an organisation that puts products out a lot and those aren’t on a specific editorial calendar schedule. Or for a government organisation that has to make comments on legislation, which is not tied to any sort of actual schedule ever.

What they are, are kind of like mini schedules. And instead of taking a long deep look, what you end up looking at is you look at the very details of one specific piece of a specific content type. For instance, let’s say you have to put content for a new product out and what are the things that you need to know to make that happen. You need to know what the maximum amount of time allowable is. You need to know how immediate it is. Is this something that happens now or is this something that can come later. You need to know all the steps involved in it, who is going to handle all of those steps, and you need to know how long you’re going to allow for those steps to take.

Really it’s creating standards for each of these content types. It is based mostly on content types. Editorial triggers are how we help define the more small scale steps and they’re called triggers because they aren’t based on time, they’re based on need. You’re not always going to need a brand new press release or a brand new case study. But when you do, you want to know what those details are. Then from there you can fit it into your editorial calendar.

Anyway, that’s what I have. I hope this has been helpful. If you want any more information on editorial triggers, I wrote a chapter in a Smashing Magazine book a long time ago. Just go find it, I guess. Or you can come to our conference which is always going to be fun and I’m going to stop promoting it right now because it seems out of the spirit of the advent calendar. But anyway, nowwhatworkshops.com. Goodbye.

About Corey

Corey Vilhauer is a user experience strategist at Blend Interactive, a web strategy, development, and design firm in the middle of the Midwest. He is a recovering advertising copywriter and a closeted fan of professional wrestling. He (semi-regularly) writes at length about methodology, empathy, and small-business content strategy at Eating Elephant, and writes about other things at Black Marks on Wood Pulp.

🎅 Editorial triggers, from @MrVilhauer

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