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Content style guides: 6 must-read articles

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

One of my favourite things about being a content strategist is the variety of things it allows me to do.

One day I may be editing content, next I’m listening to customer interviews and then I’m spending longer than you can imagine choosing one word for a call to action. Oh the joys of semantics.

I’m currently working on refining the GatherContent voice, tone, vocabulary and style. It’s an interesting process bringing together customer research and insights from across the team. Once defined, I’ll be working on creating a useful and usable content style guide for the team. This will help them create content across our app, website, support conversations and everywhere else, that’s ‘on-brand’ and consistent with our style. Or else all that hard work will have gone to waste.

As part of this process I’ve been reminded of all the incredible guest posts we have published on our blog about this topic. The advice within these posts is still valid and helpful so I wanted to bring them all together to help others currently working on, or about to start, their own content style guide. I’ve categorised them as before you start writing, during the production process and after you create a style guide:





Collectively these articles cover what you need in your style guides, how to create them and just as importantly, how to get people to actually use them. I hope the articles are as useful for you as they have been for me in recent weeks.

Content style guides: 6 must-read articles.

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