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A content strategy maturity framework

Robert Mills • 3 minutes

Tracy Playle joins us on day eight of our Content Strategy Advent Calendar and Tracy knows what’s top of your wishlist this year …

the gift of knowledge of how to measure the maturity of content strategy in your organisation.

🎄 A content strategy maturity framework, from @tracyplayle

Video transcript

Hi. It’s Christmas! I’m Tracy. And I’m super happy that today you’ve chosen to open my window on the GatherContent advent calendar.

Now, I know what’s on top of your wish list this year for the holiday season and that’s the gift of knowledge of how to measure the maturity of content strategy in your organisation. Right?

Of course it is! So, I’m going to share my 10-part framework of the places to look to work out how content strategy is maturing in your organisation. Now, I don’t have time to tell you how to test this for organisations. But I can tell you what to test.

So, here are the ten places to explore.

Number one is strategy and vision. Is it defined, articulated and understood. Do you have clarity in what you’re working towards?

Number two is leadership. Is content strategy led from the top, or is an uphill struggle from the bottom?

Number three then is audience insights.

How well do you really know your audiences? Are you often checking in on that knowledge about them?

Number four then is outputs, structures and efficiencies.

How well are your systems configured and working for you? Are they creating amazing efficiencies and a fantastic user experience, or are they just creating more hard work for everybody?

Number five then is assessment and evaluation.

What’s your approach to measuring content? Are you actually measuring content or are you just measuring pages, platforms and channels?

Number six then is collaboration, my favourite. Are you working across your organisation? Or is this all happening in a silo?

Number seven then is risk tolerance and creativity. Are you asking for permission in the work that you do or are you asking for forgiveness? What’s the attitude of your organisation to this? What’s the culture like there?

Number eight then is resource. How well resourced are you? Look at the people you have in place, the different roles that you have in place, the systems and support available.

Number nine then is skills and know-how.

Do people working in content strategy in your organisation really actually know what they’re doing? Are they shining lights in the world of content strategy or do they barely know their CMS from their CRM?

And number ten lastly then, is training and professional development. How well developed is your approach to bringing staff along. Do you have mentoring, training, knowledge-sharing, conference attending in place and what’s your approach to planning that?

By looking across all of these ten areas you’re able to assess them in a reasonably holistic way, where there are bumps in the road and what you need to iron out. You can work all of that out using this framework. So, short and sweet today. But maybe you’ll catch me someone around the world at a conference this year and ask me more about the one hundred points that I use to actually test this stuff. I’ll be really happy to share some of that with you.

In the meantime, I hope you don’t do this over Christmas. Have a really really merry Christmas and I will see you in 2018! Thank you.

About Tracy

Tracy Playle is founder and CEO of Pickle Jar Communications Ltd, and its sister company, Utterly Content Ltd. She primarily serves as Chief Content Strategist for Pickle Jar Communications, specialising in working with the education sector. Since becoming a consultant content strategist in 2007, she has worked with over 160 education institutions in more than 20 countries to develop content and digital communication strategies.

Before founding the company, Tracy worked as Head of Research-TV and in a number of in-house communications and marketing roles at the University of Warwick, one of the UK’s leading universities.

She is known for her passionate and energetic presentations, and is invited to speak at conferences around the world about content strategy and emerging communication trends. She has spoken at conferences across five continents, and in 2016 completed the Confab hat-trick speaking at all three of their events in the USA, concluding with the opening keynote for Confab Higher Ed. In 2017, she founded the ContentEd conference, the first European conference focusing on content strategy in the education sector.

In 2014 she won a prestigious Crystal Apple Teaching Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) for her contributions to conferences and workshops in Europe, Asia and Australia, advancing knowledge of content strategy and digital communications in the education sector. She was the first European digital communications professional to receive this award.

When she’s not hopping around visiting clients and conferences, she lives in the North East of England with her dog, Scout.

Tracy is talking at Confab: The Content Strategy Conference, in Minneapolis next May.

🎄 A content strategy maturity framework, from @tracyplayle

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