Content Strategy Link Round-Up

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It’s Friday already and we’ve put together another selection of our favourite content related articles for your reading pleasure.

This week we’ve been reading a lot about the early stages of content development and have collected some interesting posts about initial content considerations and research techniques for content strategy. There’s also some more general ideas for you to consider; such as Meat Content

Get out those biscuits!

Location Agnostic, Context Specific. How will your content be consumed? Whitney Hess raises some pretty important questions about the implications of devices.

Research Methods You Can Really Use. Colleen Jones hosts a great interview with author Bella Martin to discuss some of the content research methods included in her new book.

Why Personas are Critical for Content Strategy. A brilliant post by Johnny Holland which highlights the importance and effectiveness, as well as how to actually go about involving personas in your content strategy development.

Content Curation: Truths, Threats, Motivations and Opportunities. In this fairly heavy duty article, Jaimy Szymanski thoroughly explores the idea of content curation and highlights some appropriate scenarios for its use.

Introducing Meat Content. We tweeted this earlier in the week but it’s definitely worth a repeat. If you missed it you should certainly take some time to learn about Meat Content. Released on the 1st of April, hint-hint.

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