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Content Process

Use GatherContent to stay on the same page with your team and colleagues

Robert Mills • 2 minutes

Planning and producing content is a time consuming task and there are hurdles to overcome even after your brilliantly written and brand appropriate content has been created.

It still needs to be signed off and given the green light to be published, and we frequently hear of content being stuck in limbo because of a lack of approval.

This is often the result of:

  • A lack of clear workflow
  • Confusion over who is responsible (for what, and by when)
  • Comments and feedback lost in Word docs and emails
  • No overview of the current status of all content

The result of this is a chaotic and messy process where content struggles to get approved and websites aren’t able to be launched.

GatherContent offers a clear and effective platform for creating an approval process for your website content creation. You can:

  • Create a bespoke workflow to match your production process
  • Assign people to your content
  • Notify your team when content progresses
  • Collaborate through commenting functionality
  • Set due dates for content

The benefits of this are that you can:

  • Always have a clear view of what status content is at
  • Have all content in one place for easier collaboration
  • Know who is responsible for what, and by when

GatherContent gives you the tools to create a clear process for your content production to help keep projects on track.

Create a bespoke workflow

You can create custom workflows in GatherContent to match your content process from brief through to published.

This allows you to:

  • Break down the content process into manageable tasks
  • Surface to all involved in the project what stage different content is at
  • Create different workflows for different clients/projects
  • Control each step content must pass through in order to reach approval

It will be clear what stage content is at and who is responsible for moving it to the next stage of the workflow. This removes common blockers to content approval as you can see where any bottlenecks may be.

Assign people to Items

Accountability is important for any process to be effective and efficient, but it can be easy to pass the buck or claim ignorance when roles and responsibilities aren’t made clear.

In GatherContent, once you have assembled your content team and assigned them to your project, you can then set their roles and permissions.

This makes it clear who is responsible for tasks in the workflow such as:

  • Writing first draft
  • Review
  • Edits
  • Approval
  • Publishing to CMS

This is even more helpful where there may be several feedback loops that need to review and approve content such as marketing, legal and finance teams within the organisation.

Benefits felt by our customers from this process include:

  • Know who is responsible for what, and by when
  • Able to deal with bottlenecks sooner rather than later
  • Awareness of roles and responsibilities
  • Accountability across the entire workflow to keep content moving

Many of these benefits are the outcome of a clear workflow with defined roles, but even then there needs to be guidance on the timescales related to each piece of content and when it needs to be approved.

Collaborate through commenting functionality

A key part of getting content approved is collaboration and feedback. Once your content has been drafted in GatherContent you can assign people to it and notify them when it needs their attention.

They are then able to comment on the content. Benefits here are:

  • All of your content and comments in one place
  • Less back and forth via email for feedback
  • Comments and versions not lost in shared folders and emails
  • Easier to collaborate with your team

Once content is moved to the next stage of your workflow, you can notify people so the relevant people are updated on the content’s progress.

Notify your team when content progresses and when content is due

As content progresses through your workflow in GatherContent, you can notify people. This means that:

  • They know that their task (write/edit/review) is next to be completed
  • You can always see who the content is currently with
  • Team members are clearly guided on their role in the process
  • No more back and forth chasing via email

Notifications are important to keeping your content moving through the workflow. That momentum saves time as you won’t need to keep chasing people and content gets to approval stage efficiently. By assigning due dates to your content as well, when people are notified that they need to complete their task, they will know when it needs to be completed by.

Use GatherContent to create your workflow and assign your content team to claw back the time you waste chasing late content. Sign up for your free 30-day trial now!

Use GatherContent to stay on the same page with your team and colleagues

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